Having a quality chart for each of your songs can save artist's limited time during rehearsals.”



Artists are always in need of charts for their songs for various reasons. Sometimes you may need to hire a different guitarist for a gig because they are out of town. If this is the case the fastest way for them to get acclimated with the tunes is to have a professional and detailed chart for them to quickly learn. This will help save rehearsal time and will keep the band sounding great. The artist also may want to have a copy of their songs done for their own personal records. Whatever the case maybe, Melrose Music Studios has extensive expertise in this area can help deliver a high quality chart. We specialize in all styles of charts. (Jazz, Rock, Classical and Nashville style charts among many others.)


Because each chart(s) are designed and customized for the artists preferences we ask the artist to fill out and submit the form below for the price. We offer extremely competitive rates and discount if a larger amount is desired. 

Our Work

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