David Williams

Chad Ellis

Chad was born in Neenah, Wisconsin and currently resides in Los Angeles. Creative, energetic, engaged, and a strong work ethic are words that best describe him. These are a few of the many qualities that he brings to any project or team.  

A deep love for music and the arts, he has been actively involved in the Los Angeles music scene for the past 12 years. He earned his Bachelors degree in guitar from the Musicians Institute which has helped develop his proven ability even further.  

As a musician, he has performed and recorded in several situations. Currently, he is a recording and mixing engineer at Melrose Music Studios in Hollywood. In addition, he handles an array of other duties there such as developing and handling social media for artists and other clients. 

Because of his love of music, he felt a strong pull to help others out with music education. He has taught at the college level, conducted a youth orchestra and has several private students. His love of teaching has been noticed and has received several awards and recognition for his dedication in music education. A recent recognition was an award presented by house representative, Mike Gatto.