"Bring more to your musical project by sharpening your musical ability through experience teachers."”

Music Education

Music education can add sincere depth to any artist's already seasoned musical ability. Melrose Music Studios offers one on one music lessons in a variety of musical instruments. The lessons are offered once a week with a recurring time slot at either location. When you take lessons with one of the highly experienced teachers you will get a customized weekly goal list and how to go about practicing to reach each of those goals. Please fill out the form if you are interested in taking your musical abilities to another level.




$130 - 30 minute lessons once a week 
$190 - 45 minute lessons once a week 
$240 - 60 minute lessons once a week 



Hollywood, CA 
5254 Melrose Ave. 
Hollywood, California 90038    

Palm Springs, CA 
121 Palm Canyon Drive 
Palm Springs, California 92262