The Internet is the best tool for promoting your music. Melrose Music Studios has an unmatched understanding of this field geared for artists and all genres of music.”

Social Media Management

Social Media Break Down (1st month $499) 

-Setting up/ optimizing/ maintaining: 

  1. Website*
  2. Reverbnation 
  3. Soundcloud 
  4. Twitter 
  5. Instagram 
  6. Youtube 
  7. Facebook 
  8. Design logo 
  9. Digital distribution (additional $20 cost) 

-Setting up Electronic Press Kit 

-Creating engaging and captivating content to help build your online presence 

*Additional $20 for website if artist needs more then 10 tracks or 8 pages.

- Press Releases (2 per month)

- Submitting music online (10 per month)


Examples Of Our Work


Carissa Ellis - BA In Social Media

David Williams - 20 years music production in Los Angeles/ Social Media Expert

Chad Ellis - BA in Music/ Social Media Expert